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«The most critical for us today is to maintain jobs»

Vladimir Lisin, Chairman of the Board of Directors NLMK Group, addressed the employees of the company


Vladinir Lisin. RIA Novosti

Dear colleagues,

I would like to begin by expressing my deepest compassion to all the victims of the armed conflict in Ukraine, the families and relatives of those who died. Lost lives are always a huge tragedy that is impossible to justify. I am convinced that peaceful diplomatic conflict resolution is always preferable to the use of force.

NLMK is an international company. We operate production facilities in three continents and strongly believe in a dialogue between countries and cultures. Together with all my colleagues on the Board of Directors, we are truly hoping that this conflict is resolved soon. In the context of these events, our company is facing serious changes in its operating environment.

The situation continues to evolve rapidly. All together, we have to adapt our business to the new context. The most critical for us today is to deliver on our commitments to our clients, to maintain jobs, to provide financial support to our employees, to enhance financing for social programmes in the regions where we operate, and to help those in need.

We are developing a package of support measures for our employees. Our shareholders and Board of Directors are in constant contact with the company management that is currently working under intense pressure.

I am convinced that the leadership qualities of our managers and employee teamwork will help us get through these challenging times.

Vladimir Lisin,
Chairman of the Board of Directors NLMK Group»

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