The Russian Context: Educated and Violated

Podcast. Episode #2

This is the second episode of The Russian Context, and here we want to talk about education and science, how they suffer from Russian government’s paranoia and conservatism.

In this episode we asked a sociologist Grigoriy Yudin about the case of Sergey Zuev, rector of Shaninka university, who was accused for corruption, then we talked to an associate professor in the Higher School of Economics about why students and professorship are supposed to be loyal to the administrations and the authorities,

a biologist Mikhail Gelfand told us what struggles new amendments to the law about education make,

our politics editor Kirill Martynov explains why technicians are more dangerous for the regime than humanitarians,

and Ivan Kurilla, a historian, tells us why historical researches are no more safe in Russia today.

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